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About us

The research group explores environmental- and climate change. It focuses on ameliorating the interpretation of paleoclimatological information using quasi continuous (e.g. physical and chemical parameters of tree rings and ice cores) and event based (e.g. moraine) environmental archives. Moreover, our group searches for new sites and similar archives for further research.

These aims fall in line with the internationally accepted idea, that nowadays instead of the graph describing the global average temperature change, regional climate reconstructions with highly precise chronology, calibrated via instrumental records and with well defined uncertainties became the main cornerstones. These can help in understanding the climate variability originated in natural and anthropogenic factors.

Group members


Zoltán Kern


István Gábor Hatvani


Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger


Máté Karlik

Main research topics: Environmental- and climate change, Quaternary research (dendroclimatology, dendrochemistry, environmental isotopes, cave ice, time series analysis, geomorphology) Publication list
Main research topics:
Environmental data analysis; within the research group the geostatistical and multivariate data analysis on paleoproxy- and surface/sub-surface water quality data primarily in R programming environment. Publication list
Main research topics:: geomorphology, Quaternary geochronology, exposure age, burial age and erosion rate analysis using in-situ cosmogenic isotopes (10Be, 26Al, 3He). Moreover, the assessment of the relationship of erosional processes, tectonics and Quaternary climate changes. Head of the cosmogenic sample preparation lab. Publication list
Main research topics: geochemistry of lacustrine sediments, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy Publication list

External members

facebook-avatarMátyás Árvai
Main research topic:
facebook-avatarEnikő Mihály
Main research topics:
facebook-avatarBalázs Kohán
Main research topics:
geoinformatics, spatial statistics, isoscapes
facebook-avatarZsolt Pinke
Main research topics:
environmental history, land use and land cover changes, human-nature interactions
facebook-avatarDániel Topál
Main research topics:
breakpoint detection in climatological time series, meteorology
facebook-avatarAlexandra Németh
Main research topics:
sclerochronology, petrography and sedimentology of terrestrial carbonate deposits
facebook-avatarMarcel Mîndrescu
Main research topics:
geomorphology, lake sediments